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Custom Fan Terms


With regard to photo content, we will print what you send us for printing. You are responsible for ensuring that the content of your photos does not violate copyright or transgress laws in your country. Nudity is fine by us. However, if we feel that there is a violation of copyright or other laws, we will hold your order until you provide documentation that you own the rights and or have permission to use any suspicious content. You must provide all documentation of copyright within 5 days of our e-mail request or your order will be canceled. (Don't worry we'll e-mail so you can e-mail us your proof.)

In terms of copyright, all design(s) and idea(s) submitted to us become the property of Daftboy. This allows us to have the rights to show/use your designs for advertising and to share your designs with the world via social media, video or any other outlet we see fit.  Of course, this does not apply to Trade Marks and Logos. (Yes, this means we own any nudie pics you send us, although we don't know what we'd do with them?) 

Also, we can refuse service to anyone for any reason. 
Don't worry we won't go all Kim Davis on you, but there are times that we just can't do it. And we need you to respect our decision.

These conditions are subject to change without notice.
Please reread our terms here immediately before ordering any custom fan to check for any updates.

Any Questions? Contact us at: custom@daftboy.com

(Or to just to play with our interactive app.) 

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