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Rocking a piece of Yuasa!

So, what’s your excuse for not rocking a piece of :

Throughout his distinguished, varied career, the multi-talented Michael Yuasa has done many, many things. He’s owned a restaurant, worked as the Creative Director of an advertising agency (which he still does), and most recently, designed his own clothing lines. Whether you already own a fashionable piece of his imagination or not, you’ve surely seen his work, and now that he’s partnered with Daftboy, his sexy swimwear and eye-catching headwear is even easier to snag than ever.

I spoke with Michael Yuasa himself about what inspires him and what he’ll be wearing to the beach this summer.

How would you describe your designs to someone who doesn't know you line?
Crown Hat is about standing out and making a statement. I would describe our designs as bold yet classic. I think the crown hats really resonate with people who are not afraid to stand out and make a statement. 

What made you want to partner with Daftboy?
I wanted to partner with Daftboy after meeting Tim the founder and after hearing his enthusiasm for his customers. I feel the Daftboy crew really understands our appeal and thinking. I’m in love with the Daftboy community—it’s super fun.

What are three items every man should own from your line?
Every man or women should ideally buy a crown in multiple colors so you have a crown hat that matches any occasion. As for YUASA swim, I think it’s mood- and location-specific. If you going to Fire Island, you would definitely want one of our swim briefs. If you’re headed to a beach resort with lots of straight people, I would go with our short cut swim shorts.

How did you spread your brand around the world?
We focus on spreading the word about Crown Hat mainly online on Facebook and Instagram. Anywhere you can really have photos, we’ll likely be chatting people up. We love physical pop-up events like RuPaul’s DragCon and Ladyfag parties in NYC. 

What inspires you as you design?
What inspires me most about design is developing ideas that exemplify how men want to feel. Our designs are fun, flirty and sophisticated because that is how I believe our customer wants to feel.

In the online store, you have brief-style bathing suits and more traditional shorts. What's your favorite for the summer?
My favorite for the summer is of course the mens swim brief in fun prints like the black wave...though you can’t go wrong with a black swim brief.


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